Film and Projects


TORO FILM produzione audiovisiva,  film e foto:

da HD a 4K,



TORO FILM, Multimedia Produktion, Film und Foto:

Equipment  HD und 4K,

DoP, CINEMATOGRAPHER;   filmography  please  have also a look under VITA

TORO FILM, film and photo production:

own equipment and facilities in HD and 4K

Blackmagic Mini Ursa Pro complete/ GH5 , Atomos Shogun Flame/ Mini Jib/  gimbal / drone / lights and sound

An anniversary this year: 50 years of work in the film industry





  • „PAEFFI ET JUERG CHEZ EINSTEIN“ short movie, 16 min. / Rencontre des Créateurs de Masques au Mouffetard, Paris.10/2022; performance on stage with the BIREWEGGE de Bâle
  • „YSCHTOO-Get ready for the Carnival“ is subtitled now also in italian, it was screened  on festivals this summer at Berlin, Madrid, Rome, a capital tour
  • „SCHLUSSPFIFF“   multi media project  by Susanne Dieringer, DoP+editor   50 min  documentary, film version 2022, after german subtitles it will now be subtitled also in english and goes on festivals.
  • „ARNO STERN- Spuren des Lebens“  by Andrea Rodoni,  still on screen ; 2022   Cinematography. 
  • „LA SONNAMBULA“ Bellini’s opera  , conducted by Andrea Cupia, scenographic film  November 2021 Lugano/ April 23 2022, Locarrno/ 1st of May 2022, Vevey
  • „FASNACHT LOCKED IN“ short documentary/ 23 minutes /,  -Ritualising in Corona Times – Symposium at the Charles University Prague, September 2021: Summer 2022 Official Selection  and Honourable Mention as Best Covid Film at the Snow Leopard Film Festival in Madrid, Official Selection Your Way Film Festival Valletta / Malta
  • „TIRZA“ by Arno Grunberg; directed by Kami Manns / scenographic multi-media; work in progress 2023
  • „EXPEL“ and „FORGIVE“ Two photography installations as part of „Sakrale Zeiten ?“ /  „Sacred Times“, art action of the BKG Basel. Autumn 2022



„YSCHTOO ZUR BASLER FASNACHT“    a feature length documentary by Nicolas Joray, still on the road on  DVD/ Blu-ray subtitled in German , English or French.



  • BEST DOCUMENTARY FEATURE AWARDS:  SFAAF- Rancagua Chile , March 2020
  • BEST DOCUMENTARY FILM AWARD: Kyiv Film Festival, Kiev Ukraine , June 2020
  • OFFICIAL SELECTION: IERAPETRA Documentary Film Festival, Greece August 2020
  • OFFICIAL SELECTION: Austrian International Film Festival 2020
  • OFFICIAL SELECTION Fox Festival , Rome 2022
  • OFFICIAL SELECTION Stockholm Gold Awards 2022

PRESS and TV, some voices:


„WOODWIND“, feature film, 126 min. DOP , directed and produced by Fin Manjoo ; South Africa / India;

Nominated for Best Film at both the Cape Town International Film Festival and the South Africa International Film Festival (Rapid Lion). Rated by FIPRESCI as the best film in SA for the year, . Named as a rising star at Diorama Festival, New Delhi.



Corporate  movies for OMEXOM, Germany,     and



„LA SONNAMBULA“ opera by V.Bellini conducted by Andrea Cupia, scenographic film 120 min.

„SCHLUSSPFIFF“  multimedia installation by Susanne Dieringer, film 50 min., scenographic projection

„TERROR“  theatre play/ Ferdinand v.Schirach, dir.: Kami Manns;

Teatro dell’Arte, Milano/  Federal Criminal Court, CH-Bellinzona /  Teatro Piemonte Europa; Torino/ LAC, Lugano/  Teatro Stabile del Veneto;Venezia


curriculum vitae:

1952 born in Basle/ Switzerland

1972        start of work in the film industry, camera assistant

1978       – 2009   Berlin based, living now  in Mairengo – Switzerland


as DoP:

about 65 motions pictures and  tv-dramas, e.g.:

„Peter Gombas Lehr und Wanderjahre“                                 director:       Nenad Djapic

„Am nächsten Morgen kehrte …“                                                                     Monika Funke-Stern

„Stadtromanzen“                                                                                                 Dagmar Brendecke

„Kein Ort für Sirenen“                                                                                        Angi Welz-Rommel

„La tregua/ the truce“                                                                                         Francesco Rosi; DoP: Pasqualino de Santis;                                                                                                                                                                                     ( camera operator)

„Verdammt, er liebt mich“                                                                                 Sven Severin

“„Error 2000“                                                                                                       Anders Engström

„Code  Baltic Storm“                                                                                            Reuben Leder

„ Bye Bye Berlusconi“                                                                                          Jan Hendrik  Stahlberg

“My heart in Africa”                                                                                             John Delbridge

“Diamond diver ”                                                                                                                ”

“Woodwind”                                                                                                            Fin Manjoo


around 25 feature length  documentries, cinema and television :

„Scarabaeus“    ( 1976)                                                           director:      Pierre Voyame

„Der Gelbe Stern“       (Oscar nominated 1981 )                                     Dieter Hildebrand,

„1000 Kraniche musst du falten“ /Children of Cernobyl                    Thomas Bauermeister

„Majdanek“                                                                                                     Krzystof Czajka

„Ludiano-Texas“                                                                                           Mike Wildbolz

“ Romeo and Julia unplugged”                                                                  Yasmin Khalifa

„Arno Stern, die Welt der malenden Kinder“                                         Andrea Rodoni


various  tv-serials, for example:

„Neues aus Uhlenbusch“,   „Karfunkel“,  „Happy Birthday“, „Girlfriends“,  „Liebe, Babies  und…“  „Inga Lindström“


Shooting experiences  :  Peru, Mexico, USA, Turkey, Europe, Russia, Central Asia, India, Australia, Southern Africa,

Languages :  Italian, German, French, English

citizenship: Swiss and EU


Extended filmography under:    and


Lectureship/ Docent Cinematography:

  •  Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, in german
  •  Filmakademie DFFB,Berlin; german
  • Zelig, Bolzano/IT  in italian


MOVIES as director 

„Yschtoo zur Basler Fasnacht“ docu. feature lenght, cinema

„La lunga marcia della banda“, 65 min. docu     trailer:

„Le mamme della Valascia“  docu /  TV-RSI

Corporate movies : Omexom, Germany  and

„Frutta quattro Stagioni“,  Ass. Frutticoltori Ticinesi

Spots, p.e. : „Coro SCAM and the Italian Harmonists“   / „Aiuta l’Ambrì di avere un futuro“